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Savi Camps - Desert Camps in Jaisalmer

Desert camps in Jaisalmer and their unique concepts at Savi Camps

Concept of Camping

Camping concept is to get a break from regular life and grab a different experience of nature. we have re-engineered the concept of camping by bringing your daily comforts in the midst of desert, a unique experience worth staying once in lifetime.

Hence, the desert camps in Jaisalmer at Savi Camps provides this unique concept of camping.

Camp fire and cultural activities

Camp Fire and cultural activities including dancing and singing while enjoying your dinner makes the experience of camping as unforgettable. A memorable day of life that will be carried throughout life. Its like celebrating existence and rejuvenating yourself with an experience worth once in life

Thus your stay at in desert camps in Jaisalmer gives you a rejuvenating experience

Star Gazing

Star gazing is best on no moon days. the small twinkling stars in thousands fill the sky line arousing the artist within to form various shapes and figures. Favorite things most of our customers, specially one from the cities, love to do so and the fun multiplies with small kids. An open sky is always a canvas for an artist.

Thus Your visit to Savi Camps Jaisalmer arouses the artistic experience in you.

Our Desert Camps in Jaisalmer

We have 3 different categories of desert camps in Jaisalmer  viz., Royal Swiss Camp, Mobile Dome Camp and Family Suite Camps catering to the need of Couples, Family, students and youngsters. All the three give different experience of accommodation, a unique desert camp stay experience in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. The resort is also beautifully designed making it a boutique camping resort. Thus, our desert camps in Jaisalmer are the best tents in Sam, Jaisalmer

desert camps in jaisalmer

Royal Swiss Camp

Swiss Camps are luxurious tents with all modern-day amenities. These camps are with room heaters thus they provide warmth in winter season. The resort has 23 units under this category. These room are our best seller and have a huge demand. Mostly the families, couples and corporate love this and enjoy a lot. The camps are comfort with luxury mid desert. 

The room size is 14ft x14 ft giving you ample space in the room. The Swiss Camps also has a balcony of 7ftx14ft which again is gracious. The bathroom is equally spacious, with all modern amenities and toiletries. Thus, the total tent size is Rs 14ft x 28ft.


Camps are made of Korean imported fabric, therefore, are weatherproof and provide a good atmosphere to stay inside the camp. The ensuite bathrooms are fitted with modern bath accessories accompanied with high quality toiletries makes your stay not only comfortable but relaxing too. Thus providing luxury experience at Savi Camps, the desert camps in Jaisalmer Rajasthan

Mobile Dome Camps

Mobile Dome Camps are small foldable camps of size 8ft x6ft with height of 6ft, suitable for camping outside in nature.  The camping tents are of Coleman brand, a brand unanimous for tenting and accessories. Camps are weather proof and provide good accommodation for two to three persons. 

We have created a camping ground 18 inch above ground for safe camping. Camping Ground is near common washrooms separate for guys and girls. Thus, providing a separate hygiene environment for camping. These camps are very famous specially in youngster crowds and have very economic cost. Preferred by millennial crowds a definite hangout place for youngsters.

These camps have two mattress size 6ftx3ft x 4” with a single side table of 18”x12”. The camp also has its own light (led 3 watts) as well as light point for charging mobile and devices. It also has side pockets to keep your valuable and belongings. To keep your other valuable assets please coordinate with reception for lockers. Enjoy true camping with our mobile camps, a unique experience one must have in his / her life.

Family Suite Camps

Family Suite camps are big / huge tents of size 24ft x24ft. They will have one bedrooms with one drawing room which can be converted into bedroom with separate  ensuite bathrooms along with a joint balcony and common seating area. 


These camps are best suited for families. The camps are under work in progress and shall be available by 2023.